Friday, November 25, 2005

Politically correct turkey

The latest in the civilized world’s need to right old wrongs is the country of Turkey’s objection to the use of the name turkey to describe a rather intellectually challenged bird with a snood.
“It casts us in an unflattering light, offends our ancestors and we are not getting any royalties!” they stated fictitiously.

The objection is ironic considering they were embroiled in a similar argument with the foot stool industry when they started calling themselves The Ottoman Empire.

The self-appointed quasi Federal Politically Correct Commission, (FPCC) is forcing the U.S. Turkey Taxonomic Team (TTT) to rename their beloved beast.

In response, the team submitted the general sounding Big White Bird, but were immediately attacked by Sesame Street for copyright infringement and by the Color Discrimin-ation League (CDL). The CDL is objecting to the use of colors for names, as insensitive to the Colorless. more.....

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