Sunday, February 11, 2007

Attention All Vets, Patriots, Etc!!

This post is from a good friend of mine !!!

Remember how the "Peace" marchers went to the Capitol Building at the end of January and defaced the building with thrown paint and graffiti?Well, apparently these same scumbags are planning another "Peace" march - this one on March 17th - St Patrick's Day. They plan on starting from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and marching to the Washington Monument.We are trying to get every vet, patriot or anyone else who values our Nation to come to Washington. We plan on standing shoulder to shoulder in front of The Wall, around the Three Man Statue and the Women's Memorial Statue. These assholes can throw all the paint they want on me, but not one drop had better hit that Wall or it might turn into Open Season - no bag limit.Please, PLEASE - if at all possible, try to make it there for this. We may need all the help we can get. Patriot Guard, Rolling Thunder, American Legion Riders - tell anyone you know and feel free to grab this post and put it up on your site.
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