Thursday, January 12, 2006

Airline bans Bibles to avoid offending Muslims

Airline bans Bibles to avoid offending Muslims
A British airline banned its staff from taking Bibles and wearing crucifixes or St. Christopher medals on flights to Saudi Arabia to avoid offending the country's Muslims. . . British Midland International also has told female flight attendants they must walk two paces behind male colleagues and cover themselves from head to foot in a headscarf and robe known as an abaya, the Mirror newspaper of London reported. Are you kidding me? I think all of the female emplyees of that airline should walk off the job.

BMI spokesman Phil Shepherd said: "In providing air services people want, demand and use, we have an obligation to respect the customs of the destination country."

This airline has the customer service thing a little off kilter. They need to tell the Saudis to take a flying . . .

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BearsFanInTexas said...

BULLCRAP! Then we should do the same here in the US! I want everyone landing in this country to wear only t-shirts and jeans ! get rid of those dam head wraps!