Monday, January 16, 2006

Left is on the wrong side again.....They want Clarence Ray Allen's Execution stopped

Here's the sob story.........

He will be given a chance to utter his last words but there likely will be none. He’s deaf, too. And he will probably roll, not walk, his “last mile” – not on a gurney but in his wheelchair. He is too feeble to walk.

If ever there were a case that reduces capital punishment to its essence, this is it. Ray Allen lost his liberty and his future 32 years ago. We can’t deprive him of his ability to communicate; his sight and hearing are gone. We can’t take his mobility, that’s gone too. Good health? Gone, swept away by diabetes and hypertension. Clarence Ray Allen is blind. If we allow his execution to proceed, so are we.

Here's my solution, put him into a nursing home and then the 'Left' will want to take out his feeding tube !!


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