Monday, February 20, 2006

I guess I'm just in a pissed off mood today, but.....

I grew up in the 50's in the middle of Chicago. My dad served in WWII, had a tavern about 8 blocks from Chicago Stadium, and most of his customers were guys who also served. They were not 'arrogant' , but they thought that no one outside of our country should have ANY influence over what we do. I was just a kid, but I knew most of those guys pretty well, and I'll bet that they would say.... If you don't like what we're doing, that's too f'king bad, and if you want to do something about it.... come on over and try to stop it.

To bad we as a country now are bending to terrorists ( I can't blame the younger generation because I know too many kids that are in the military and think the same way I do). but I'll bet that the older generation is spinning in their graves. Here's an example of what I'm talking about.......

Allah Conquers the United Nations

Logos are usually not chosen at random but rather for the message they convey, though sometimes mistakes seem to happen.
Logos can easily offend people, certainly those who have a very broad definition of blasphemy. This is the Arabic script for "Allah." It resembles a flame with five tongues that increase in size:
Six years ago Nike had to recall 800,000 shoes because Muslims took offense at the logo on a certain brand of its models. According to "offended" Muslims the logo could be read as "Allah." Below is the shoe logo:


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