Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ted 'the swimmer' Kennedy must have been squirming in his seat.....

When Jimmy was trying to critisize Bush's wiretaps by mentioning at Mrs. Kings funeral that the FBI even tapped her husbands phone while he was alive. If you remember, it was Teds brother Bobby that gave the FBI approval to do that hoping to dig up some dirt on him to shut him up.


The FBI collected information about Dr. King's plans and activities through an extensive surveillance program, employing nearly every intelligence-gathering technique at the Bureau's disposal. Wiretaps, which were initially approved by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, were maintained on Dr. King's home telephone from October 1963 until mid-1965; the SCLC headquarter's telephones were covered by wiretaps for an even longer period. Phones in the homes and offices of some of Dr. King's close advisers were also wiretapped. The FBI has acknowledged 16 occasions on which microphones were hidden in Dr. King's hotel and motel rooms in an "attempt" to obtain information about the "private activities of King and his advisers" for use to "completely discredit" them.


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