Thursday, December 28, 2006

Islamofascist Response to a Real Battle: RUN AWAY!!!!

A tip of the hat to A Yank in Kiwi Land


1991 - In one of many civil rebellions, Somali dictator, Mohamed Siad Barre, was ousted, and the country fell into complete chaos with rival warlords vying for power.

November-December 1992 - President George H.W. Bush sent US troops (of which I was one), and other allied troops under US command arrived and began Operation "Restore Hope," successfully reigning in the warlords and getting relief to the starving refugees stacked-up along the Ethiopian border.

May 1993 - Pakistani General assumed command of international forces now under the ausipces of the UN.

October 1993 - The famous "Blackhawk Down" incident occurred in the successful attempt to capture the two closest advisers to number 1 warlord, Mohamed Aidid. Delta Force got his two advisers. Our 140 Rangers, outnumbered 10-to-1 and largely cut-off from reinforcements, suffered 19 deaths; the Somali guerillas suffered 1500-2000. Shortly afterward, Clinton withdrew our troops.

1993-present - The UN completely withdrew in 1995 and the country returned to chaotic infighting, regional secessions, famine and suffering. The officially recognized government, the TFG, opposed to extremist islam, arose. Radical muslim leadership, the IC (Islamic Court) or SICC, gained overwhelming, Taliban-like strength, imposing Sharia law, and began a rebellion against the TFG, pushing it back to reign only in their capitol, Baidoa. The Islamic Court radicals declared war on Ethiopia which backed the TFG and swore to protect it. Ethiopia invades.

Today - The Ehtiopians took Mogadishu and kicked the islamofascist's asses who ran away in defeat. Like most bullies, islamofascists are cowards and chicken-shits when they do not have numbers on their side and/or the other side is unarmed.For more background on the history of chaos in Somalia go here.

One thing is for sure: The Ethiopians do not give a rat's ass about world opinion, and if the Islamofascists mount a guerilla campaign against them or the TFG, the Ethiopians will not fight with one hand tied behind their backs. Blood will be shed, and heads will roll.

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