Thursday, December 28, 2006

Please set me straight if I am wrong

The first mission that we had was to overthrow Sadaam.

We did that in record time, our troops are the bravest and the best.
We 'led' them to the alter, and showed them how a democracy should work.
We showed them how to vote.
We built up their infrastructure, built roads and schools, trained their military and police.


The Sunnis are killing the shites, and also the other way around.
These people have not gotten along for a thousand years, and it'll go on for another thousand.
How do we 'win' without wiping out Iran and Syria (that's my Idea).
If that's the case, I say we go for it.

We can't have them sit down and talk because we'll get the same results as Palestine and Israel.
They do not want peace PERIOD.

Please set me straight if anyone who reads this knows how we're going to win.


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Ed Padgett said...


There seems to be no easy way out or easy answers to this situation.

Best to you and your family.