Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Here we go again....ACLU sues state police

Glad to see that the ACLU is right on top of things protecting the criminals and illegal aliens.

By Karen Lee Ziner
Journal Staff Writer

PROVIDENCE — The Rhode Island Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union yesterday filed a federal lawsuit against the state police, alleging racial profiling and violation of the constitutional rights of 14 Guatemalan nationals during a July traffic stop that led to their detention by immigration officials.

The lawsuit alleges that Chabot first confirmed that Tamup’s license and registration were valid and that he had no criminal record.

“Chabot nonetheless proceeded to open the doors of the vehicle, and by utilizing Tamup as a translator, requested all the passengers to also provide identification,” according to an ACLU synopsis of the case. When some failed to do so, Chabot then asked them to produce documents “demonstrating their U.S. citizenship.”

When none of the 14 were able to do so, Chabot advised them that they would all be escorted to the federal Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Providence.

Sorry, but I see nothing wrong with what the trooper did. It's actions like this that may catch some terrorists.


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