Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ted Kennedy - what an IDIOT !!

A lot of you people don't remember this because of your age, but Teddy (the swimmer) has some blood on his hands. Besides killing Mary Jo Kopechne, he was one of the main CLOWNS responsible for not helping South Vietnam defend itself by cutting off funding - Just like today.... Here is the story

The withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam also strengthened the hand of the communist Khmer Rouge in neighboring Cambodia. Their leader, Pol Pot, embarked on a bloody ethnic cleansing campaign. While the exact number of Cambodians slaughtered can never be fully known, most estimate those killed from a low of 1 million to a high of 3 million.
A million or so "boat people" fled Vietnam in flimsy watercraft on the South China Sea. Thousands of Vietnamese died in "re-education camps."

America lost the Vietnam War, not on the battlefield, but on the home front of public support. Anti-war activists and the liberal media helped turn public opinion sharply against the war. Although our soldiers won every major battle in the field, public opinion turned against a war increasingly perceived as "unwinnable." Our withdrawal, however, gave the Vietnamese armies under Ho Chi Minh free rein to overrun South Vietnam – raping, pillaging, plundering, impoverishing, imprisoning, torturing and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people.

Looks like the drunk wants to match the number of people murdered to Saddam's total.

What an Idiot - He should swing just like Saddam.

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