Saturday, September 18, 2004

Ever notice that whenever our troops attack.....

The Arab media says that all casulties were women and children (or elderly)..........

More deaths in US assault on Falluja

Three people have been killed and five injured in renewed US air strikes on the Iraqi town of Falluja amid widespread condemnation against the attacks.
The latest air strike by the US air force was launched on the Shuhada and industrial sectors of the city late on Friday, Aljazeera learned.

Earlier, Ahmad Hardan, member of the Local Council in Falluja, told Aljazeera of the three killed, two were an elderly couple.

Five people were also injured in the air strike which targeted the Dhubbat (officers) neighbourhood in the city, Hardan said.

"Three bodies were taken from the rubble," said one rescue worker. Another three people - among them two women and a child - were injured, ambulance workers said.

A US fighter jet dived over the city's Dhubbat district at around 1730 GMT and shortly afterwards a loud explosion rocked the area, said one resident.

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