Saturday, September 11, 2004

Why you my son

Dedicated to my son, Dave ....written by someone else, but it sure does apply to you. We love you Dave

I stand before you and ask,
Why you, my son?
Why have you chosen this path in life?
To be one of many that have chosen to defend our liberty
at all costs?
To go to strange and foreign lands?
You are so very young to know such awesome responsibility.

It seems but yesterday that your main loves
were hanging out with your friends.
And the sounds of you playing soccer
and your laughter filled our home...

I am so fearful for your safety,
But heart is filled with immense pride
For who and what you are.

You stand there and you look at me,
with your soft brown eyes,
filled with knowledge, gained through experiences,
way beyond your 20 years.

You take my hand in yours, and say...

Why me ?
Because you raised me to be the man you see before you today.

Remember when we would go to parades
when I was a boy,
You taught me to cover my heart
When Old Glory went by...

Our home has always been adorned with flags.
Top most was the American flag,
Snapping in the wind, so proudly.
I heard all the stories
and the pride in your voice as you told them.

Remember, how you taught us all that
The United States of America, was our beloved country.
The best country in the world,
and that She must be defended at all costs?

You always erupted in fury,
when you wittnessed demonstrations of 'flag burnings'
Or any show of disrepect for our country?
You showed us this was a disgrace...

All my life, I have heard from you
That love of my God, my Country and my family,
are the three most important things in life.
That my honor and pride are two things no one could ever take from me.

Your eyes burn into my heart down to my soul,
As you say as you hold me close...
Why me ???
Because you raised me this way.
To be a man, strong and true,
when my country called..
To stand tall with pride
And look the world square in the eye,
And say 'I am proud to be an American"!

That is why I must go.
To do what you raised me to do..
To be what you raised me to be..
A man, a marine, and most of all your son.

I'll be back, safe and sound.
After all the others like me,
and I
Show the evil tyrants
That you DON'T MESS with the finest country in the world.
My country!!! The U.S.A.!!!

Then I step back and absorb the sight of you..
to carry with me in my heart , while you are gone.

You turn, pick up your duffle bag and throw it over your shoulder,
And after one final hug you turn and start to walk away.
But you pause and turn to me once more and say..
I Love You.
I will be back safe and sound.
And why me??
Because you are who you are
and all the parents like you,
I am the man you made me into today...
And I thank you...

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GOC in Winston Salem said...

This is a beautiful poem. Thankyou for sharing with all. You can be so proud of your son and tell him from me Mrs GOC thank you and God Speed.