Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dick 'Turban' Durbin Cares More For Bugs Than Soldiers

Here's part of the story From the conservative voice....

My son went away to Iraq with the Illinois National Guard, last week. I, the proud papa of one of our brave men in uniform, stood in the bleachers at the General Richard L. Jones Armory in downtown Chicago on the morning of July 3rd watching as the boys of the 178th Infantry battalion (MPs) presented themselves to their relatives and Chicago's media for the last time before they leave for duty in Iraq.

Republican candidate for governor, Judy Barr Topinka, was present and stayed for a while shaking hands and wishing the soldiers well. Every single TV news outlet attended to interview the boys for a segment on their nightly newscasts.

And where was Dick "Turban" Durbin when the boys from Chicago were preparing to leave for Iraq?

Talking about bugs.

No, not the NSA, CIA, surveillance kind, I mean real bugs. Dick was touring nearby Kane county, Illinois looking for the emerald ash borer beetle that he is trying to get Federal funds to combat.


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