Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The memorial for Flight 93 still shaped like Islamic crecent

Can you believe this ??

The memorial for Flight 93 was intially designed shaped as an Islamic crecent that pointed directly to Mecca. Outrage over this chosen design to commemorate the lives lost in a Pennsylvania field in one giant act of bravery forced a re-think of the design. In late November 2005, it was announced a new design would be made for the memorial.

Today we learn that the new design is essentially the very same design but instead called the “Bowl of Embrace” as opposed to the previous name, the “Crescent of Embrace.” The objectionary crescent and it’s position relative to the perceived target of the strike, Washington D.C., and Mecca still exists.

Even more disgusting than the design and the exact position is that the there are to be glass blocks commemorating everyone on board including the four hijackers. Yes, the design will commemorate the hijackers. What kind of asinine crap is that?

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