Sunday, July 23, 2006

Group: U.S. military urged abuse in Iraq

NEW YORK - The group Human Rights Watch said in a report released Sunday that U.S. military commanders encouraged abusive interrogations of detainees in Iraq.


Maybe Human rights watch should concentrate on stories like this.....

Assailants slit the throats of a mother and her three children in southern Iraq

Where the family had fled to escape threats that they had cooperated with the Americans.

The mother's sister was also slain in the savage attack, which occurred Wednesday in an apartment in the southern city of Basra, police said. Five other family members were rescued before they bled to death.

Officials said the family had fled Baghdad for Basra after receiving threats because they had cooperated with U.S. forces. The officials gave no further details and spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared reprisals by sectarian militias that have infiltrated Basra's police.


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