Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dem Says Bringing Terrorists To Justice A "Major Blow To Who We Are"

How do you win the war on terror with an attitude and perspective like this?

How could we as freedom loving Americans ever allow Democrats to regain power when clearly they have no interest in protecting American lives or our way of life?

Wow, if you weren't sure Democrats were weak on terror before... this should convince you... Democrat Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut regrets that he didn't filibuster the terror interrogation bill recently signed by President Bush, calling the legislation a "major blow to who we are."
Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., said he regretted being talked out of filibustering tough new tribunal legislation signed by president Bush on Tuesday, and plans to seek new legislation to overturn portions of the bill.

Dodd denounced the measure, which civil liberty groups have said endangers many freedoms."It's a major, major retreat for us as a people," Dodd said during a visit to Iowa on Tuesday afternoon. "It's incredible what they did."

The measure signed by Bush sets up military tribunals to try terror suspects and allows the introduction of evidence obtained through tough interrogation procedures. It also suspends rights such as habeas corpus, which requires that suspects be brought to court to ensure they are being held legally and if they should be released.

Dodd said he initially intended to filibuster the bill but was talked out of it by other Democrats who said there wouldn't be enough votes to support the filibuster.

"I regret now that I didn't do it," he said. "This is a major, major blow to who we are."The truth comes out... To Democrats like Dodd, fighting terrorism is a "major blow to who we are."



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