Friday, October 13, 2006

Democratics who live in Glass Houses.......

Top Ten Things NY Dems Should Do to Show They Actually Condemn Sexual Predation.

10. Demand explanation from Chuck Schumer as to why he did not support expulsion of his then House Caucus-mate Gerry Studds after the Democrat proudly admitted to having sex with a 17-year old male page.

9. Demand explanation from Shelly Silver as to why he didn't fire his Counsel Michael Boxley after the first charge surfaced of Boxley sexually violating a much younger woman, and demand that the Assembly Ethics Committee release a full report on the repeated sexual scandals involving Shelly Silver's Counsel Michael Boxley.

8. Demand that Democratic House leaders explain why they failed to take appropriate action against Congressman Barney Frank after it was revealed that his boyfriend was running an illegal prostitution ring out of Congressman Frank's Washington DC residence.

7. Demand answers on the cover-up of sexual harassment allegations against Erie County Legislator Thomas Mazur.

6. Demand that Democrat led Assembly immediately pass Governor's civil confinement legislation to keep sexual predators out of our neighborhoods and away from our children.

5. Demand that Democrat led Assembly immediately pass Jessica's Law, ending their resistance to the Governor's legislation that would toughen penalties for people who sexually assault or rape children.

4. Demand an explanation from Senator Hillary Clinton as to why then-President Bill Clinton granted a midnight pardon to convicted child molester and former Democratic Congressman Mel Reynolds, immediately commuting the jail sentence of the disgraced Democratic luminary for yet other felony crimes he committed.

3. Demand that Speaker Silver fully investigate and disclose the findings regarding the mysterious resignation of Assemblyman Karben after it was revealed that he allegedly watched gay pornographic movies with an intern and often made unwanted sexual advances toward male interns and staffers.

2. Demand that democrat led Assembly immediately pass Governor's legislation that would toughen penalties on the sick individuals who produce, promote and distribute child pornography.

1. Demand that former Democratic Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson immediately rescind and explain his hiring of convicted child molester -- and former Democratic Congressman -- Mel Reynolds as a "youth counselor."

Statement from New York Republican State Committee Chairman Steve Minarik:
"The facts are clear -- National Democrats have a long and tawdry history of granting sexual predators renomination, reelection, Presidential pardons and even employment as a 'youth counselor' and the leadership of the NY State Democratic Party has played the role of enabler by sitting by silently as such outrages have occurred. Just as troubling, the State Democratic Party leaders like Shelly Silver and Denny Farrell have placed their own sexual scandal skeletons in the closet and refused to open them for the public to see.

"While we question the wisdom of Democrats thinking they can and should campaign on the issue of what is the appropriate response to the serious matter of sexual predation, we know the contrast in past actions speaks loudly to the Democrats weaknesses and the Republicans strengths so we welcome the debate wholeheartedly and hope the Democrats will continue their gross political miscalculation."


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