Tuesday, October 31, 2006

France Surrenders

A tip of the hat to Barking moonbat early warning system for this....

I believe it was P.J. O’Rourke who said, “Contrary to popular belief, World War does not start when France surrenders. World War starts when the French begin collaborating with their invaders.” If that is the case (and who could doubt P.J.?), it is officially now the start of World War III.

I am stunned at the ignorance and lack of backbone of the Fwench once again. The Frogs never cease to amaze me but this time they have outdone any prior acts of insanity and/or cowardice, including building that ridiculous Maginot Line.

A year after two asshat Muslim kids ran away from police and managed to electrocute themselves when they jumped into a power substation to escape capture, sparking weeks of riots that left Paris burning, what do the Fwench do? THEY BUILD A DAMN MEMORIAL TO THE IDIOTS AND LAY A WREATH AT THE POWER STATION WHERE THEY FRIED THEMSELVES!

Yes, you read that right. Try and read it again. Savor the exquisite taste of appeasement, surrender and collaboration with the invaders. Wrap your brain around the concept. Try to rationalize it. ... ... ... ... It ain’t working, is it?

Forget it then. Fwance will always be Fwance. A nation of lily-livered, gutless, spineless, nutless, cheese-eating surrender-monkeys. This time they’re on their own. No bailing their ass out again. America will sit this one out, Fwenchie! We only regret the two prior visits over there to save their ungrateful butts. Never again!

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