Saturday, October 30, 2004


The 9/11 attack was intended principally to provoke a swift, indiscriminate American military response so terrible it would provoke the Muslim masses to rise against moderate Islamic governments in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

But while America's response was swift, it was disciplined, targeted and extraordinarily effective.

There were no uprisings.

No governments fell, except two; the Taliban and Saddam Hussein's.

And while it is true that Osama remains free — however temporarily — it is also true that he's also now the world's most famous homeless person.


* Individual al Qaeda-linked cells throughout the world have no central base to which to turn for aid.
* Training camps are closed.

* Funding sources have dried up.

* The medieval regime that offered him succor is itself gone. Afghanistan just held its first democratic elections.

* Iraq is moving toward free elections — doubtless to Osama's chagrin. more...

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