Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Something to think about....

A friend heard this comment on the radio.

When they were asked about the women in their lives Kerry told a story about talking to his mother when she was on her deathbed. Her three words of advice to him were: "Integrity, integrity, integrity."

Would a person on her deathbed be lecturing her son about a part of his character that she was completely certain about? Perhaps she knew he was a little thin in that department.

Before I heard this my initial take on Kerry's response was that he had another long conversation with Clinton during his debate prep. It was sooooooo Bill Clinton. Right down to the finger pointing for emphasis. "Now come-on John. Yer gonna need a little boost in the women's vote for you to even hope to win this thing. I'm tellin' ya, find a place to work that story in."

Third option is that the whole thing was a total lie he just made up on the spot.

Fourth option is that it was completely true. Wait, now I gotta loop-back to the 'mother's insight' theory.

We just don't know, do we?


Anonymous said...

Mrs GOC here, I had thought of this immediately upon him saying that in the third debate. Unless his Mom knew something we all suspect why wouldn't she say I love you, but to say integrity intergrity integrity maybe she was trting to get a point accross. Didn't have much to say about "Teresea either did he?

Anonymous said...

It happened in the third debate and you don't have the context of that quote quite right. kerry was referring to advice his mother specifically gave him when he told her he was thinking of running for president, not just general advice.