Monday, October 04, 2004

Teacher Booted for Displaying President's Picture

Since when can't you have a picture of the President in the classroom?

A New Jersey middle school teacher who displayed a portrait of the president of the United States in her classroom side-by-side with pictures of other U.S. presidents and the Declaration of Independence was thrown out of her school on Friday for refusing to take the Bush photo down. more.....

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CitySlicker said...

When I was in school we had ALL the presidents displayed - democrate or didn't is called HISTORY and CIVIL STUDIES and whatever else they call it now a days in school! People just take things to the extreme - so many close minded people in this world! Next thing your going to tell me is someone will protest the party affilation of those on our MONEY?? Get real people! Get a life...worry more about teaching our children then letting them get stupid!