Saturday, October 16, 2004

Navy Stripped Kerry Of Security Clearance!!!!!! Unauthorized Contacts With Enemy Agents!

Kerry Lost Security Clearance!


Just spoke with reporter friend in DC. She is talking with former USN ONI types who worked on DOD/USN investigation that resulted in total loss of Kerry’s Navy security clearance.
Kerry had been granted a Top Secret by the Navy on October 11, 1967 based on a routine background investigation by Office of Naval Intelligence. A top secret clearance was required for his work at that time.
Obtaining and holding a security clearance of any level, especially TS or above, requires certain terms, obligations, commitments and conditions from the holder. One of the most important is the holder of the clearance must promptly and fully any contacts with any foreign officials, agents, etc.
Lieutenant Kerry left active duty with the Navy on January 3, 1970, but he still carried those obligations as a commissioned officer of the Naval Reserve. Without telling anyone and without receiving permission from superiors,FBI or counter-intelligence officers, he traveled to Paris in the summer of 1970. He claimed the purpose of his trip was a honeymoon with his first wife, Julia Thorne, but there was another hidden purpose. more....

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GOC in Winston Salem said...

I would love to be able to believe this, Wayne, but it really does need more to back up the allegations.

I had NATO and UN top-level clearances, but that meant nothing without a Need to Know, and the instant I married a foreign national, my clearances were pulled.

Which reminds me - what is Teh-ray-seh's citizenship status?