Tuesday, October 05, 2004


It looks like Showtime want's to show the 'human side' of terrorists. Another liberal 'why do they hate us', blame America first series. This ought to recruit more people to kill Americans. Wasn't it Showtime who aired the Reagan movie - trying to bring him down from his hero status.

Cable channel Showtime is quietly at work on a new series about the personal lives of an Islamic terrorist cell in the United States, The Post has learned. The series — to be called "The Cell" — will be told from the view points of a group of European and American converts to Islam who are plotting terror attacks here.

"We're trying to look into the minds of these [terrorists] and the issues driving them, beyond a black-and-white portrayal," says Showtime entertainment president Robert Greenblatt, who will decide next month whether to commit to a series.

"The leaders of the cell look like nice, normal people you would encounter in everyday life and never know were quietly putting together a power base," he says. "Our only hesitation was sensitivity to the subject matter, which was very scary. Several plot points have already come to pass." more.......

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