Monday, November 08, 2004

Here's a good letter to the editor..

Seems that the democrats (aka losers) want the nation to be 'healed' by adopting their solutions to the issues. Here's a letter to the editor outlining what WILL be done.

Here's the agendaNot surprise that your lead editorial on Nov. 3 was headlined "The healing time." There is nothing wrong with that, but I doubt that's what it would have been if John Kerry had won. So let me outline some of the things I think the winners voted for.

They want the war on terror prosecuted as a war, and not as a law enforcement problem. They want a free and democratic Iraq to further the spread of freedom and peace in the Middle East. They want Social Security and health care programs fixed the right way. They want the tax cuts made permanent, especially the death tax cut, in order to continue to fuel a growing and prosperous economy. They want the current tax code reformed. They want the investigation of the fraud involved in the U.N's handling of the Oil for Food program concluded expeditiously, so we can identify the guilty and find out who our true allies and friends are. And finally they wanted a president who would never turn over the security of our nation to foreign countries and a corrupt U.N.

So let me suggest we all work together on these endeavors and maybe we can then consider ourselves healed.

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