Sunday, November 21, 2004

Wanted: a Liberal Party

I've agreed with this for some time...........

The Democrats still don’t get it! I believe a two-party system is healthy. Most Democrats are good people, and I hate to see a once great party self-destruct. I would love to see a third party, called the Liberal Party, form as an alternative to Democrats and Republicans. Instead of destroying the Democrats, it could oppose the conservatives of both parties and allow mainstream Americans the choice that liberals so favor.

Liberalism is the reason I left the Democratic Party many years ago. I agreed with some positions but they came with too much liberal baggage. Seventeen percent of Americans admit that they are liberals (only 5 percent during elections) yet they manage to dupe nearly 50 percent of the voters through negative campaigning and fear tactics, not by promoting an agenda.

The new Liberal National Committee (LNC) could be headed by Michael Moore, with co-chairperson Molly Ivins. Their spiritual mentors could be Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Howard Dean, who likes Job of the New Testament, could be top strategist and John Edwards could sue any liberals who vote otherwise. Only when the liberals quit feeding at the DNC trough can Democrats once again become the party of the people! Remember the DNC memo telling Democrats to claim voter fraud even if none was present? No wonder some Democrats really believe they were cheated!

Frank Bush Anderson

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