Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Tension Between Lurch and Swimmer (From Rush Limbaugh)

My friends, I'm happy to report to you that tension has developed here between Lurch and The Swimmer. That would be John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. The Lurch returns to the Senate today, "basking in his national profile." What is this, basking in his national profile? But he's once again laboring in a long shadow cast by the swimmer, Ted Kennedy. "Political insiders will be scrutinizing the delicate post-election political dance unfolding between Kennedy and Kerry with great interest. The pair are friendly rivals, but their staffers have clashed in the past as their divergent ambitions collided. Kennedy was miffed when Kerry profusely thanked his campaign staffers but failed to mention him during the Faneuil Hall concession speech, sources said. Some Kerry insiders, meanwhile, have privately grumbled about Kennedy's failure to raise more money for Kerry - a charge Kennedy allies dismiss."

Can you believe the pettiness? I can, but it's just amazing. Here's Kerry conceding, not thanking Ted Kennedy. If I were Ted Kennedy, I'd be thankful to be left out of that list of people. Thanking a bunch of people who actually engineered a defeat, along with the candidate, probably a sign of respect for Senator Kennedy to leave him out of the list. Or, you know, Bob Shrum and Mary Beth Cahill are the Kennedy wing of the Kerry campaign and Bob Shrum, who basically writes speeches for presidential losers, probably wrote Kerry's concession speech and there may be some hidden thing that we don't know about that Senator Kennedy was left out of that speech, but whatever, there's now tension between these two Massachusetts dinosaurs.

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