Thursday, December 08, 2005

New York Post hits the nail on the head about Dean....

From their online edition....

December 7, 2005 -- Howard Dean sounded like a big French surrender monkey when he said America can't win the war in Iraq.

So The Post raced into action yesterday to show the Democratic Party chairman what he can do with his yellow-bellied sentiments.

We put together a heartfelt care package containing everything Dean needs to transform into a full-fledged weasel and we delivered it care of the state Democratic Party's headquarters on Madison Avenue, where the package was accepted.

Heartfelt care package contents:

WHITE FLAG - the real national symbol of France
BERET - to look stylish in the land of weasels
TICKET TO PARIS - City of Cowards, here he comes!
JANE FONDA BIO - His primer on how to be a traitor
'AXIS OF WEASELS' SHIRT - it says, “Yes, I'm yellow!”

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