Saturday, December 17, 2005

Two 49er fans object to 'pat downs' before entering stadium so ACLU {does that mean Absolutely Confused Lunatics Union} sues to stop searches

Here we go again, The terrorists must LOVE these guys!

SAN FRANCISCO - NFL's pat-down policy challenged by TWO 49ers season-ticket holders, ACLU sue to stop searches.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California filed the suit Thursday in San Francisco Superior Court on behalf of Dan Sheehan, a season-ticket holder for almost 40 years, and his wife, Kathleen, alleging that the team's policy violates the couple's right to privacy under the state Constitution.

The National Football League, citing post-Sept. 11 terrorism concerns, issued a directive before the start of the season for its 32 teams to conduct mandatory searches of fans before they enter stadiums.



GOC in Winston Salem said...

These stadiums - for any pro sport - are not "public" places - there is a test for entry, that being the person possessing a ticket. This allows the owners or leasees to put other reasonable tests in place.

Florida has already decided that you can't do a basic pat down. You know Kalifornia will follow suit. Keep tuned for the lawsuits following the explosions.

BearsFanInTexas said...

Well their lawyer is VERY misguided also! They do have pat downs at baseball games...even when I was at the last world series my wife and I were searched. We don't mind the searches because it protects everyone!
I am pat down at concerts and that has been going on sense the 80's ... so what is the big deal about being safe?