Sunday, December 04, 2005

One suggestion to ease the deficit

After hearing the story about Tookie again on the tube it occured to me that it must be pretty expensive for the tax payers to keep these guys alive who have been sentenced to fry. I heard in California, they sit there and get fed, and take up room in our prisons for up to 20 years .

I did a little research, and found that the number of people waiting to become room temparture as of 2000 (latest I could find), was 3,652. The annual cost of keeping these slimeballs alive was $22,447, (61.58/day in 2002) or $81,976,444.00 not including any other bills that we foot for them (lawyers etc.)

Now why is it that the libs and all the hollywood people are all for keeping these guys alive, and yet always want to raise our taxes. Seems like an ideal solution would be to have a chair with a heavy duty cord sitting right in the next room of the courthouse, possibly under the ten commandments, to carry out the sentense and save us all some money and free up some space in our prisons. I think I'll write Teddy and Kerry to see what they think..... wait, I forgot, Massachusetts doesn't believe in Capital Punishment. Oh well, I guess they believe in feeding and clothing the killers instead of the homeless.


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